I decided to participate in Dreamproject 2016

I have decided to participate in D1 DreamProject (held in Shibuya DUO), which is celebrating the 19th year of this year, in the artistic frame.

What is DreamProject?

Gal culture that began in the 90 ‘s, as time went on, various changes have been made to match the trends and outbreaks of cogal, Mamba, Gyu guy, center GUY, black gals, white gals, times.
It is no exaggeration to say that the D1 DreamProject celebrating the 19th year is an event that has changed into a new form with gal culture.

Youth who spent youth in each era, D-1 girls made up
DreamProject, is not it a symbol of youth?

What is the new history of D-1, 100 young people living in the 19 th year, Gal culture and D – 1 DreamProject?

D1 DreamProject is a footstep of youth of a young man living in the present and is a symbol of a new gal culture.



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