[:ja]【Beginning Fresh ”R”】 #ビギフレ ☆★GANMA Birthday Bash SP★☆に出演します!![:en]【Beginning Fresh “R”】 # Bigifre ☆ ★ GANMA Birthday Bash SP ★ ☆! ![:]


2017/02/24(FRI)【Beginning Fresh ”R”】 #ビギフレ

☆★GANMA Birthday Bash SP★☆にリリースゲストとして出演します☺❤😁❤

@ 渋谷R Lounge 6F

OPEN 22:00 DOOR 2000/0D ADV 1500/1D ☆☆Biginning Fresh ”R”

☆☆ 渋谷R Loungeとレペゼン埼玉のCM出演でも話題のラッパーGANMAの合同主催イベント通称 #ビギフレ
地元の埼玉から関東近郊で開催してきたGANMA主催イベント #ディファ はなんと今年の夏で12周年!
「継続は力成り」を体現してきた老舗パーティーの姉妹イベントである #ビギフレ は、

【Shibuya R Lounge】



[:en]2017/02 / 24 (FRI) 【Beginning Fresh “R”】 # Bigifre

☆ ★ Appear on GANMA Birthday Bash SP ★ ☆ as a released guest
@ Shibuya R Lounge 6F

OPEN 22: 00 DOOR 2000/0 D ADV 1500/1 D ☆ ☆ Biginning Fresh “R”

☆ ☆ Shibuya R Lounge and Reporzen Saitama’s CM appeared in the rumors of rumors of GANMA Joint hosted event Common name # Bigifre

A nightclub filled with continual smiles and alcohol every time in a space where you can feel good music.

Guests, as well as seasonal artists throughout the country and young and fresh youngsters gather together!

Event held by GANMA from local Saitama in the vicinity of Kanto # Difa is a 12th anniversary this summer!

A sister event of a long-established party that has embodied “continuation is powerful” # Bigifre,

It is being held as a heterogeneous fighting warfare party that will not be overwhelmed by inheritance.

【Shibuya R Lounge】


Let’s meet at the venue by all means✨✨✨